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BETO UNIT, 1391 FM 3328, Tennessee Colony, Texas 75880

Mentor programing and schedules: Contact Chaplains Office


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**Unit Name:____________________________________________________

Unit Mailing Address: ____________________________________________
Unit Telephone Number:__________________________________________


Map of unit location: We provide


**Unit Mentor Coordinator’s Name: ____________________________________________

Contact (other than home) Address:  ____________________________________________

Email:   _____________________________________________________________________

Preferred Phone Number: _____________________________________________________


Unit Mentor Schedule:

Frequency:  ____Times per month

Day(s) of the Week_________

Entry time: _______AM or PM

Departure time:______ AM or PM

Debriefing time included?: (   ) yes   (      ) no



Type of Visit:  (   ) Contact      (      ) Non-Contact      (      ) Teleconference

Where at Unit: (     ) Chapel    (      ) Educational area    (     ) Visiting Room    (    ) Other _________

Gender of  Inmates (      ) Male      (       ) Female 

 Mentor spouse allowed in the mentor match?  (     ) Yes     (       ) No

Number of Active Mentors:__________

Number of inmates awaiting a mentor match:___________

Number of Special Volunteer Category visits permitted prior to being certified as a Mentor:

(      ) 4 as per TDCJ Policy      (      ) None Per Warden             (       ) ___Other per____________


Car Pool Information (as applicable - including multiple locations)

Departure location:_______

Departure time:______


Restrictions in addition to TDCJ Mentor Policy? (List)___________________________

Special Events (Christmas, Recognition, etc.):________________________________


Last Update: 





**Required on updates. The only other required information on updates is the specific change.



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