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DARRINGTON UNIT, 59 Darrington Road, Rosharon, TX  77583


Unit Mentor Coordinator: Gary Taylor

Address: 13403 Cypress N. Houston, Cypress, TX 77429


Phone: 281) 595-3465 (**007) Unit Switch Board


Mentor Program Schedule: Frequency_2___times per month. Days of the week_Wednesday_. Which weeks _1st & 3rd_ Entry time_  _____.  Mentors are meet at   unit gate_before going in. Check in at about _12:30pm__.   Departure time__3:00pm_. 

Volunteer Information and additional info pertaining to this Unit: All volunteers must have completed TDCJ volunteer training and be TDCJ approved. Picture ID required for entry-drivers license preferrably (no one allowed in without ID) Do not take in metal objects, cell phones, beepers, other electronic devices, or paper money.  Dress is casual, tee shirts okay, no hats or all white shirts. Bibles, study books and religious materials can be taken in but will be searched at main gate. Do not give anything to or take anything from inmates. Anyone violating TDCJ rules may be asked to leave and may be restricted from returning. Please add any additional info.

Debriefing time included?: (   ) Yes, (  ) No. A great  time of fellowship to and from unit as well as sharing travel expenses.

Individuals considering Mentoring (Special Volunteer Catagory): (  ) An individual without TDCJ training may go in radomly up to 4 times a year while accompanied by another mentor after completing a security back ground check. (  ) No Special Volunteers allowed per warden. (  ) Other per warden     

Type of Visit: ( x ) Contact, (  ) Non-Contact, (  ) Teleconference.  

Gender of Inmates: ( x ) Male, (  ) Female. Male mentors to mentor male inmates and female mentors to mentor female inmates only. See Spouse of Mentor allowed in match with Inmate for exception

Mentoring location: Unit Chapel

How to get on the mentor entry list?  Contact the Mentor Coordinator (not the Chaplain) no later than __14__ days prior to event requested.Do NOT contact the Chaplain.

Spouse of Mentor allowed in match with Inmate: (  )Yes, (  ) No.

Number of active mentors: Start up program

Number of Inmates awaiting mentors:  10+

Chaplain: Edward Stoessel

Is additional training avaialble?  Yes, by Unit Chaplain 

Transportation to Prison Unit: (  )Carpool available:

departing the ______________ area by ________, contact 

from the ____________ area by __________, contact 

TDCJ unit info and directions to unit: 

Directions to Unit: Take Hwy 288 south and exit at Hwy 6. Turn right (west) onto Hwy 6 and proceed to Hwy 521. Turn left (south) onto Hwy 521 and proceed a few mi. and Darrington Unit will be on the right at a blinking light and Darrington Rd. 


TDCJ Home Page: 

Darrington Unit Info:

Unit Mailing Address:  59 Darrington Road, Rosharon, TX  77583

Page started  _12/16/04_ Last updated: _11/10/11_

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