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Prison Unit:                                       Information:

**Name:                                               HUNTSVILLE (WALLS)

Unit Mailing Address:                          815 12th St.

Unit City, State and Zip                       Huntsville, TX 77340

Chaplain’s name:                                  David Collier
Unit Telephone Number:                      936-437-1555


Unit Mentor Coordinator(s):        Information:

**Name:                                               Rodney & Jean Still

Contact (other than home) Address:    P. O. Box 164

                                                             Dodge TX 77334

Email:                                                  woodhathhope@aol.com

Preferred Phone Number:                    936-293-8127


Unit Mentoring Schedule:

Which Week(s):  ( ) 1st       (X) 2nd        ( ) 3rd        (X) 4th

Day(s) of the Week: ( ) MON    ( ) TUE   ( ) WED   ( ) THURS  ( ) FRI    (X) SAT   ( ) SUN

Entry time:                       5:30  ( ) AM     (X) PM

Departure time:                8:30  ( ) AM     (X) PM

Debriefing time included?        (X) Yes     ( ) No


 Program Information:

Type of Visit:        (X) Contact   ( ) Non-Contact   ( ) Teleconference

Where at Unit:       (X) Chapel    ( ) Educational area    ( ) Visiting Room    ( ) Other:

Gender of Inmates:   (X) Male    ( ) Female     (Mentor must be of the same gender)

Mentor spouse allowed in the mentor match?    (X) Yes     ( ) No

Number of Active Mentors: 8

Number of inmates currently awaiting a mentor match: 20

Number of Special Volunteer Category visits permitted prior to being certified as a Mentor:

(X) 4 as per TDCJ Policy      ( ) None per Warden      ( ) Other: 


Car Pool Information

Departure location(s):  The Woodlands, Conroe  

Your availability, not your ability, is what is needed.  
You can make that first observation visit without any commitment to continue further.
Contact us now to get started as early as 3 weeks from now.

Date of Update:   8/3/2014

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